integrated products

Allowing to build secure and high efficiency datacenter at low cost

There are three types of kübilt enclosures:

  • Compute
  • Room
  • Power

Each type of kübilt having a specific function. They can be connected to each other in similar fashion to LEGO blocks.

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Assembling “x” numbers of kübilt for compute, kübilt for power and a kübilt for room enclosures will create a fully integrated larger enclosure called a stack.

The stack can take many form or shape to create fully functional building-less data center solutions.

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It’s a central management and feature-rich application offering robust visualization capabilities that provides a smarter way to gain data center insights, enabling you to make better operational or planification decisions and deliver the best possible ROI out of your data center's assets.

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An industry expert and architect of customized data center solutions. As a division of Neptronic, we leverage a large portfolio of hardware, software and services, to ensure our customers success and satisfaction.

Key points to remember about us:

  • Privately held company
  • Well-established footprint and supply-chain network
  • Broad range of power, cooling, and IT products and services portfolio
  • Solutions for any types of data center deployments
  • Serving customers who operate in some of most critical industries

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