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High density IT infrastructure implementation projects in an hyperscale or multi edge deployment are complex. From planning and design, to system installation and start-up, managing the countless aspects of complex projects demands focus and expertise. To ensure the success of your project, trust the istacküb data center expert team to provide comprehensive project delivery services throughout your project life cycle.

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customization service

The primary method for swift & efficient deployment of high-density IT infrastructure into a modern data center is a fully integrated solution. istacküb can design, manufacture, compute and integrate power distribution, cooling, storage, networking and management software solutions at the rack level that are production environment-ready and optimized for your data center, enabling you to generate revenue sooner.”

project testing

integration services

Going beyond basic integration requirements, istacküb provides complete thermal testing, power-draw efficiency testing, phase balancing, burn-in, quality and logistics support at the rack level. Full racks are tested as an integrated unit as opposed to a series of parts, ensuring operability at deployment. Customized software parametrization of alerts or creation of specific reports are also available through this service.

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project installation

installation and setup services

When launching new sites or adding new kübilt enclosures to existing sites, you want reassurance that it has been done right before it begins to support your business-critical equipment downstream. Doing so requires experience with new istacküb product installation expertise along with deep understanding of the customization you require. Knowing what to look for prior to initial energization of any data center infrastructure ensures you won’t inadvertently damage your equipment or create safety hazards that put your business at risk.


managed services

Deploying, maintaining and administrating a large deployment of edge data centers could become a costly and difficult operation. From its distributed 24/7 monitoring, remote control centers and its wide network of partners and system integrators, istacküb provides a fully managed service for any size of istacküb edge or hyperscale deployments.

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An industry expert and architect of customized data center solutions. As a division of Neptronic, we leverage a large portfolio of hardware, software and services, to ensure our customers success and satisfaction.

Key points to remember about us:

  • Privately held company
  • Well-established footprint and supply-chain network
  • Broad range of power, cooling, and IT products and services portfolio
  • Solutions for any types of data center deployments
  • Serving customers who operate in some of most critical industries

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