building-less data center

it costs a lot less without the building!

  • Close to no engineering cost
  • Much less need for land preparation
  • Cooling and power distribution are integrated into the prefabricated enclosure
  • The smaller and denser the IT rooms are, the lower the operating cost
  • A single standard can be deployed all around the world

Building cost



PUE = 1.01*

hyperscale project

factory built and pre-tested, assembled on site

Delivered in easy to transport pre-wired parts. Only a few hours required to assemble once arrived on site, enabling faster time to operation and reducing data center building time and cost by as much as 75%.

hyperscale project










infinitely expendable

scale at same pace as your growing needs

  • The smallest self-contained modular data center
  • A unique form factor allows for the expansion of the size of the enclosure from mini to hyperscale data centers
  • Three different types of kübilt enclosures provide unparallel flexibility
Image Description

install virtually anywhere

you can implement uniquely customized istacküb cubes to any scale, anywhere:

  • Near grid substation
  • On building rooftop
  • On farmland
  • At cell tower base
  • Along the national rail track
  • And many more…
Image Description
hyperscale project

bring high efficiency data center to the edge

designed and deployed for flexible operation with high levels of reliability, using both hardware and software-based redundancy, without sacrificing the high performance needed at the edge.

  • Secure
  • Reliable H/A
  • High density
  • Low TCO

control from anywhere

remotely managed operations

It’s designed to operate remotely, drastically lowering the time, cost and effort required to keep things running smoothly 24/7, 365 days a year. Make configuration changes remotely using the over the air update to reduce site visits.

edge remote

scalable and efficient

Reduce your operation and initial building costs

Our range of customizable crypto-mining farm solutions are engineered to be scalable and efficient to cut out the frills and eliminate building time and energy waste that drive increased costs. Our integrated management software can reduce operating cost by up to 70%.

PUE = 1.01*

max capacity


per cube




per cube

crypto minners

Improve crypto miner's uptime and performance

By providing environmental stability for fragile crypto-mining equipment and provide years of trouble-free service wherever the outdoor enclosure is deployed.

12 months ROI

on average

future proof your investment

easy upgrade to a tier III data center

Being highly customizable, the kübilt for compute enclosures can be configured to be optimized for both crypto and hyperscale deployment types, making it easy to migrate from one type to the other at low cost.

That comes as a major advantage for kubilt, since all competing modular crypto-mining datacenter solutions do not offer that kind of future proof option.

crypto cutaway

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